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Leevan Lawrence Coryatt (Zion Armor) D.B.A.Utopia Physiques Therapy Spa & Workout Studio, company headquarters 611 Cannon Lane Sugarland Tx 77479, was hired to train us.

Training sessions were to begin with Leevan Coryatt/Utopia Physiques on August 7th. On August 5th, Leevan Coryatt/Utopia Physiques asked if the training sessions could be rescheduled to start August 14th because Leevan Coryatt was going to have a surgical operation preformed on his ankle. It was later found out that during this time Leevan Coryatt had actually gone to jail for multiple warrants. On August 12th Leevan Coryatt/Utopia Physiques asked if the date for initial training could again be rescheduled from August 14th to August 15th .

Despite having over a month to prepare before our initial workout, Leevan Coryatt/Utopia Physiques had failed to book a gym, create a meal plan, or provide vitamins/supplements by the initial training date. When we arrived at Hank’s gym on August 15th for the first training session, the manager never recieved any payment from Leevan Coryatt/Utopia Physiques nor had he ever heard of Leevan Coryatt/Utopia Physiques. Leevan Coryatt/Uopia Physiques was also a no show. On August 17th Leevan Coryatt/Utopia Physiques asked if we could provide Leevan Coryatt/Utopia Physiques with an additional $120 dollars so that he could book a gym.

When we declined to pay Leevan Coryatt/ Utopia Physiques anymore money for a gym, because gym fees were included in the intial payment, Leevan Coryatt/Utopia Physiques wanted to workout in a garage underneath the bleachers at a track field or at random gyms inside of apartment complexes. We had agreed to temporarily workout at the gym underneath the bleachers of the track field beginning August 21st until Leevan Coryatt/ Utopia Physiques could find a real gym. After asking Leevan Coryatt/Utopia Physiques several times for my meal plan Leevan Coryatt agreed to meet us at a local grocery store with the meal plan in hand. Leevan Coryatt/Utopia Physiques did show up at the grocery store but did not have a meal plan for me.

While at the grocery store Leevan Coryatt just walked up and down the isles looking at the nutrition labels and saying "this is ok" and then putting it in my cart. When we arrived at the checkout counter Leevan Coryatt/ Utopia Physiques insisted I pay for the supplements and vitamins eventhough the contract stated nutritional supplements/vitamins were included as part of the origional cost. We never recieved any recipes on how to prepare the food, serving amounts, or times to eat the food. Also we never recieved any products from Utopia Physiques’ "web site", not “myspace” page, which was always "coming soon".

On August 21st, Leevan Coryatt/Utopia Physiques did not show up for the training session stating “It was raining in Sugarland so I thought it was raining over there too.” and asked to reschedule the session for August 22nd. On August 22nd, Leevan Coryatt /Utopia Physiques did not show up for the training session and was asked to provide us with a full refund. Leevan Coryatt/Utopia Physiques then stated that he would have Utopia Physiques’ secretary fax a refund contract to the fax number we provided. On August 28th Leevan Coryatt/Utopia Phsiques asked if we could meet Leevan Coryatt at Rice University to sign a refund contract and again no representative of Utopia Physiques showed up.

As far as work out sessions go Leevan Coryatt/Utopia Physiques never showed up for any of them for several reasons, one being Leevan Coryatt went to JAIL for multiple warrants, two Leevan Coryatt/ Utopia Physiques was neglegent and irresponsible (forgetting training appointments). Throughout the month of September we attempted to contact Leevan Coryatt/Utopia Physiques but each time the provided number was dialed we were only met with an automated messaging system. A formal complaint was filed with the Better Business Bureau against Utopia Physiques company headquarters 611 Cannon Lane Sugerland Tx 77479, in an attempt to attain mediation. Utopia Physiques company headquarters 611 Cannon Lane, was contacted by the Better Business Bureau and failed to comply with their wishes.

Whenever an attempt is made to contact Utopia Physiques Therapy Spa and Workout Studio about our refund, Leevan Coryatt threatens with physical violence.

Utopia Physiques Therapy Spa and Workout Studio/ Leevan Coryatt currently have an active lawsuit pending against them.

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